Basics Of A Paleo Burn Review

By Eric Whitfield
When you read a Paleo Burn review you will be introduced to the idea that changing the things you eat is the key to being healthy as well as physically fit. Designed by Ken Burge he based his plan on the idea that there were no fat people in cave man days. Consequently if you eat the same things as cave people ate you will ultimately have the same fat free healthy body they had.

Most reviews contain the pros and cons of this diet plan as well as rave reviews from others who have tried and succeeded in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. They also highlight the concept that this cave man diet is easier to follow than others of its kind because there are simple step by step directions for every aspect of it. There are also meal plans and recipes to follow that help to make the meals more appealing.

There are no prepared frozen meals to purchase and no nutritional supplements to be purchased to get the best possible results. You are not forced to perform hours of rigorous exercise in order to succeed. The exercise program that is provided to you is moderate and does not become active until you have reached your proper weight. It is merely a tool used to maintain your goal once attained.

The plan includes tips to help you sleep and rest and diet. It is reputed to lower insulin levels to burn fat from the body. It also helps to produce a human growth hormone that shuts down the production of cortisol and stop the production of fat reserves.

Your shopping trips will be a whole new experience and may prove to be more costly. The meals that are suggested are prepared from scratch and contain no processed foods. That means purchasing olive oil instead of cooking oils, a lot of meat, fish, poultry, nuts and fruit. Cave men were hunter gatherers not farmers so milk, potatoes, and most vegetables are not going to be in your basket. There will be no frozen foods and nothing with sugars, breads or grains either.

There are no options for vegetarian or vegan followers because the beans and other items that supply their proteins are not allowed to be consumed with this diet. The menus will consist of lean meats, fish, poultry fruits and nuts. The only nut not allowed is the peanut and that is because it grows underground.

When first starting this diet it is recommended that you allow yourself three or four meals a week that are not on the diet. This will help you to wean yourself off the foods you are accustomed to eating and help you stay focused. Following the diet closely will allow you to lose over twenty pounds in a very short period of time.

People who follow this diet are said to be healthier than ever before. They have changed their conception of what role food plays in their lives. Ideally, the simple wording of reviews helped them make their decision to change.

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Basics Of A Paleo Burn Review

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