Fast Track Your Results With A Weight Loss Coach

By Aurelie Appasamy
Do you enthusiastically start a new diet to get off it only a few days later? Do you follow a diet perfectly then go overboard and over indulge on the weekend and undo all your hard work that way? Do you have a personal trainer or a nutritionist who have laid out a perfect exercise and nutrition plan for you but you just cannot stick to those programs. Do you spend hours at the gym only to undo all your hard work by overeating or drinking? Is your weight loss journey just a constant battle despite the help from a personal trainer or nutritionist? What If I told you that you are only one step away from success. All you have to do is stop the self-sabotage? You are getting professional help from a personal trainer and nutritionist and congratulations for stepping up, now you need one more thing and that is to take care of your mindset and do some work on yourself. Aurelie is a weight loss coach and assisting people in overcoming self-sabotage is what she does best. She is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming a technique commonly used to foster personal development and facilitate change.

Aurelie has been involved in the fitness industry for a long time and unfortunately the approach taken by many weight loss professionals isn’t complete and only address one side of the equation. Exercise and nutrition although are the two pillars of weight loss, those alone aren’t enough to produce long term results as there is a third pillar of weight loss which is the mindset. A weight loss coach is qualified and trained in mindset coaching and can help you with your mindset. The thing is many people think that adopting a great success mindset is as simple as being more positive and happy. But this isn’t true. Our mindset or state of mind depends on our emotions and emotional states and our thoughts patterns. If it was as easy as being positive wouldn’t you be having the outcomes that you wanted by now? Creating the mindset that you need requires a great deal of self-awareness, it includes exploring and examining your fears, the way you have interpreted events from your past and the way you deal with your own emotions on a subconscious level. A weight loss coach assist you in gaining more insights into your own behaviour, emotions and patterns so that you gain a deeper understanding of your own behaviour. With the help of a weight loss coach you will finally understand why you self-sabotage, why you have those cravings, why it always seems that things get in the way of you reaching your goals. Once this is understood, a weight loss coach will also assist you overcome those emotional barriers with life coaching tools and a techniques such as NLP, EFT and hypnosis.

We are holistic individuals therefore a weight loss coach uses holistic methods to weight loss.

Did you know that struggling with your weight often has nothing to do with your health or weight problem itself but often there are underlying causes that either stems from other areas of your life or from childhood. Your struggle with emotional eating for example could be pointing towards an unfulfilled career, needs not being met in your relationships, frustrations with friendships, rejection and loneliness, confusion about your career, job insecurities, lack of excitement and fun. There are many different things that could be causing you to struggle with your weight and a weight loss coach will help you explore your life map in order to identify those root causes. As a result you will see improvement in your health as well as in your family, relationships, career and finances.

There are similarities between weight loss coaching, therapy or counseling or the approach taken by other conventional weight loss professionals such as nutritionist and personal trainers. First of all all three approach provides a supportive environment for it’s clients. Each approach focus on motivating clients to succeed. Each approach have a goal setting component to it. The differences between weight loss coaching and other weight loss methods are that dieticians and PT tend to adopt an adviser role whereby they provide you with advise of the best way to lose weight. Coaching is different in the sense that it focus on gaining clarity around the steps to take as well as possible challenges and how to overcome those challenges. Therapy and counseling focuses more on healing the past. While coaching also pay some attention to past events, coaching mostly focuses on outcomes and is rather results orientated.

A weight loss coach such as Aurelie Appasamy is also compassionate. Compassion comes from understanding a behaviour without judgement. A fantastic life coach is extremely compassionate because she understand and is trained in human behaviour. This is something that many weight loss professionals lack as they lack the ability to dig deeper into human behaviour. Tell me does your personal trainer really understands why you self-sabotage? Does he or she really understands why you don’t stick to your eating plan? Why you have those cravings or eat emotionally? The problem is when we are unable to comprehend something, we make assumptions and there are some very common assumptions made in the fitness industry. For instance, if you aren’t able to stick to a program, you must lack will power, if you lack motivation to exercise then you must be lazy, if you are overweight then you must be disorganized. These are all common misconceptions and assumptions made which of course isn’t true. There is a lot more behind the scenes and a weight loss coach trained in human behaviour knows this. A coaching environment is a safe and judgement free zone, where you can explore freely without being judged and where you do not need to be afraid of making mistakes.

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Fast Track Your Results With A Weight Loss Coach

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