An Eat Stop Eat Diet Review

By A. Bowling
Many people would like to take control of their lifestyles in order to have a much better looking body by going through special diet programs. By far, one of the easiest and probably most effective of all these diets would be the eat stop eat diet. If one may be interested in this type of program, then take a look at this eat stop eat diet review then make a decision.

Now just to give some background on this program, it was first made by mister Brad Pilon and it involves intermittent fasting. Now fasting is definitely not something new as many people have been doing it for the past decades already since ancient times. In a nutshell, one can actually train his body to control his metabolism from going haywire by simply fasting from time to time.

In order to do this, one is recommended to fast twice for one or two days in a whole week. When one says fast, he means that he should not eat any type of food at all in one day and should just drink lots of liquids. The recommended time to do this fasting would be from six in the evening to six in the evening the next day.

Now of course when one fasts for a whole day, he will have the urge to overeat on the next day as he will be having some hunger pains. Of course overeating will not only spoil the entire program, but it will be bad for the metabolism as well. Now the tip here would be to eat normally but not too much of each types of food.

Now the best thing about intermittent fasting is that it actually has the effect of maintaining the overall metabolism in the body and keeps it from slowing down. Most of the diets out there would catch the body off guard and surprise it. Now when one would stop the program, there is a possibility that he will become fat because his metabolism is upside down.

Now some of the extra benefits of this program is that it will promote anti aging and not just weight loss. The growth hormone known as HGH is increased when one is not eating for a long time. When this one increases, then the tissues of the skin that are damaged will get repaired.

The most surprising thing about intermittent fasting is that it may even help with the cognitive functions in the brain. When the body is undergoing fasting, the brain will have the time and energy to repair the damaged cells here. The brain will also be able to increase the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor which repairs neurons.

Now if one would observe, the eat stop eat diet is one of the easiest to do. By taking a look at this eat stop eat diet review, one can see how beneficial this can be to the body. So if one is looking for a good program, this one will definitely be on the priority list.

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An Eat Stop Eat Diet Review

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