Chiropractor In Knox County Helps Locals Get Whiplash Pain Relief Using Gentle Adjustments

By John Bolton
A prominent Knox County chiropractor will provide chiropractic care that alleviates the debilitating neck pain that results from whiplash. The most common cause of this injury is an automobile accident. In addition to severe pain, this injury limits range of motion.

Prior to starting any course of care, a complete evaluation is done. The entire spinal column must be examined. Questions about how long the pain has existed and how severe it is will help in the evaluation. The physical exam and possibly an x-ray will indicate the optimal care plan.

In addition to significant neck injury, ligaments and muscles in the area may be involved. The neck may be very tender and feel tight. It may be impossible to turn the head from side to side.

Often the chiropractor will watch how an individual walks because it helps in the evaluation. When the assessment is complete a plan for a course of care can be recommended. As the pain is reduced, healing can take place.

Immediately following the accident, your pain may be in its most acute stage. Gentle stretches and ice applications may help during that period of time. As the inflammation subsides, care can begin to include gentle spinal adjustments.

The spinal adjustment technique is selected to alleviate pain. There are also manual applications used to improve soft tissue injuries. Massage and trigger point pressure are among them. The trigger point technique relieves muscular tension.

Ultrasound may be added to reduce inflammation by stimulating muscles, thereby relieving the spasms and easing stiffness. Ultrasound sends a low frequency electric current to the affected area. These sound waves increase circulation by administering mild heat to the area.

Your prominent Knox County chiropractor uses the best methods to alleviate the pain of your specific injury. The goal is to heal the injury. Ultimately, your goal is to return to work and the normal activities of daily living that you enjoyed prior to the accident.

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Chiropractor In Knox County Helps Locals Get Whiplash Pain Relief Using Gentle Adjustments

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