Looking Into African Mango Reviews

By Brett Cen
When you check out Internet African Mango reviews, you will see some very good things. This type of supplement is providing encouraging results for people interested in losing some of those extra pounds. Here is important information on irvingia gabonesis or African Mango (also referred to as ogbono), to help you decide what to do.

Ogbono is native to Africa and grows best in the mid eastern section of the continent. This is where the climate and topography (with tropical jungles and forests) are perfect for growing wild mangoes. The fruit is valued highly for the seeds or nuts that is contains.

Many people prize wild mangoes and their extract for their medicinal properties. Also, this is not just the seeds, as tree bark, leaves, and tree roots are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Irvingia gabonesis is used to treat infections (with its antimicrobial properties) and also to help with gastrointestinal problems. Extract from the mangoes are high in antioxidants which help to fight off the ravages of time.

Most ogbono supplements that you find are sold as weight loss aids and the products are extracted from seeds in the mangoes. This extract sometimes is produced in liquid or powder, and it is not uncommon to see it manufactured into capsules. Studies on the extract show that many may be helped with insulin resistant conditions related to diabetes.

If you have insulin resistance, your body has slowly become resistant to the effects of insulin in your blood. Insulin is responsible for making glucose in the blood available to your cells. This allows cells to receive nutrients that they must have. Without the effects of insulin, sugar levels in the blood rise and this leads to diabetes or high blood sugar. The body that is resistant to insulin easily stores fat and this can make it difficult to burn fat and lose weight.

Wild mangoes have long been the subject of many clinical studies in regards to weight loss. Most of the studies have furnished surprising results in favor of easier weight loss. In most cases, subjects enjoyed significant fat loss. If you plan to take an African mango supplement it is recommended to take a dose about thirty minutes before lunch and dinner. You should try to drink an entire glass of water with each dosage also.

African mango reviews and consumer testimonials are in favor of it. In fact, many reviewers are reporting help with their weight loss efforts. Some people notice that cravings to overeat seem less intense and this helps to keep them focused on a healthier lifestyle. Of course you will notice the most significant results if you eat right and exercise as there are no “miracle cures” for obesity.

Not everyone wrote positive African mango reviews. Some people experienced speeding up symptoms similar to the effects of caffeine. However, it is impossible to tell if these effects were exacerbated due to products like tea, coffee, or colas, which contain caffeine. If you wish to try this supplement, you should consult with a doctor if you have health concerns or questions.

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Looking Into African Mango Reviews

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