Liquid Diet Results For Weight Loss

By Susan Field
The following things will harm your liquid diet results? If you have ever tried to lose weight on a liquid diet before and have had initially good results only to be disappointed with weight gain later on, then read this article in full.

The reality is that most people are sabotaging their attempts to lose weigh over the longer term in several ways:

1.) – Alcohol. This is the number one way to kill liquid diet results. A healthy liquid diet does NOT include alcohol. Alcohol is derived from sugar and although its chemistry is different, its calorie load and toxic effects on the body are just as bad if not worse than sugar and will prevent you from losing weight.

Why alcohol limits your weight loss effort, firstly alcohol has 7 calories per gram, saturated fat has 9 calories per gram, so why wouldn’t drinking alcohol make you fat?

Secondly drinking regular and moderate amounts of alcohol will block important biological processes within your liver which are fundamental for the effective mobilisation of fat inside your body.

2.) -Too many tropical fruit drinks. We have all made this mistake. Tropical fruits like mango and banana taste delicious but contain a very high proportion of fructose sugar. Increased fructose consumption in liquid form causes a sudden spike in insulin in the body which in turn prevents fat loss.

So if you want to avoid having to spend a long time working out and lifting heavy weights at the gym, I suggest you leave out these overly sweet fruits from your fruit smoothies.

3.) – Bread. If you are serious about losing belly fat then just don’t consume any wheat or bread products of any kind, period.

Studies show that wheat based cereal and bread products will elevate blood sugar serum levels indeed some studies have shown that eating wheat can lead to a greater increase of your blood sugar than from eating the same quantity of pure glucose.

Liquid Diet Results – Replace wheat based breakfast with a smoothie containing blueberries oats and healthy oils, coconut oil is best. This combination of macro-nutrients tastes amazing and will stave off hunger whilst keeping your blood sugar low all morning.

Learn to love the green smoothie these recipes can have a profound positive effect on your hormones, blending vegetables and herbs with apples and pears will produce stunning results.

Top-tip, always include a source of complex healthy fat to ensure best liquid diet results, a tablespoon of hemp oil in a green smoothies works like a dream and tastes amazing too.

Check out our website for all of the recipes you will need to ensure a successful diet that prevents hunger, increases energy and has long term health benefits for your whole body.

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Liquid Diet Results For Weight Loss

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