Feeling Functionally Wonderful

By Samantha Terry
By finding this information, you have found a solution for how to live better starting today. Many people need to alter what we eat and how we live. Trying to find our way through diets and trends that are confusing and misleading can be difficult.

As our world has become more industrial, so our air and foods/drinks have become more polluted. This pollution resides within us as toxins that we cannot be rid of by continuing to eat and live as we have before. By changing the way we eat, and how we perceive our nutrition, we can make our body into an unparalleled toxin fighter.

Adopting an alkaline diet into your lifestyle is the best way to see results to fix the damage we have caused ourselves by eating poorly. An alkalizing diet adjusts our body’s appropriate Ph level to healthy levels. People require around 7.4 to maintain good health. The trouble is, what we eat does not promote that currently. When our body’s Ph levels are off, our bodies will show us the results. Everything from low back pain, kidney stones, and chronic diseases forming are just a few of the ways our body is crying out for help. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels become unmanageable, our weight begins to increase, and we struggle to repair the damage. We can turn back this damage however, by choosing to eat and drink the things that will get our body back into safe Ph levels.

The key to fixing any problem is to solve it at it’s source. We tend to treat the side effects, rarely the cause. There is not much we can do to fix the industrialized world and keep it from leaching toxins into the earth our plants grow from, that feed the things we in turn consume. What we can do however, is recognize where the toxins come from, and how to go into battle with them fully prepared.

We have not been hunter/gatherer’s since ancient times, so why continue to eat as though we were? Due to an agricultural revolution and industrialization, our diet has reflected drops in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and an increase in chlorides, fats, sugars, and sodium. This results in metabolic acidosis (chronic renal failure) which means our kidneys are not removing enough acid from our body. Our poor kidneys just cannot keep up. Metabolic acidosis can lead to academia whose effects include coma and death.

Benefits from eating alkalizing foods instead include the retention of muscle mass as we age, due to the high potassium level in fruits and vegetables, and a reduced acid load. It has also been shown to improve growth hormones, which improves our quality of life by reducing cardiovascular risk factors, and helping memory and cognition. People who suffer chronic low back pain who have switched to an alkaline diet have increased their intracellular magnesium resulting in the proper function of enzymes and activation of vitamin D, which in turn, removes the pain.

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Feeling Functionally Wonderful

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