Organic Probiotics For Better Health

By Jeannie Chapman
Organic probiotics can be found in several prestigious product lines. Since many of us want to know that everything we put into our bodies is pure, the organic label is one of our best guides when deciding what products to buy. Online product descriptions are informative and reassuring when you are looking for the best ways to enhance well-being.

Probiotics is the term used to designate beneficial bacteria that naturally live in our digestive tracts. There are many strains of bacteria that carry out important functions. They are part of our immune system, since they control the growth of less friendly organisms. They help break down foods and remove toxins that come from the food we eat and the environment we live in.

Cultured foods used to be a big part of all diets, since it was a way to preserve foods before refrigeration, and fermented drinks like beer were unpasteurized. Sauerkraut and pickles kept cucumbers and cabbage safe for use during the winter, and yogurt and other cultured milk products kept that important protein source palatable for a longer period. However, many people today might only be familiar with the grocery store brands of yogurt, which can be a good source of Lactobacillus.

You also may know about the widely publicized bacteria Candida (also known as yeast, which does not refer to either baker’s or brewer’s yeast). This bacteria readily colonizes in the human digestive tract when beneficial bacteria are not present in sufficient numbers to control it. An overgrowth of Candida causes yeast infections, toe and finger nail fungus, and oral thrush, and it can result in more serious conditions like Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Digestive problems, oral thrush, bad breath and skin, and flatulence with foul smelling gas are all signs that the bad guys are winning the battle in your gut. Yeast cells flourish when the diet is full of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Digestion and nutrient absorption is compromised when Candida is the main bacteria in the gut, metabolism is slowed, the immune system is compromised, and energy production is inhibited.

An label certifying that a food or product is organic is an assurance that the ingredients are pure and natural, without genetic modification or artificial additives. Having this assurance in a probiotic formula is a good way to be sure that the product is made under close supervision and control. Other ingredients like whole foods and specialized fiber will serve to nourish the bacteria as they try to survive and grow in the intestine, and also will contribute to the total health of the person taking the supplement.

The right formula will contain pH balancing foods. Many people live with a system that is too acidic for health and the maintenance of beneficial flora in their stomachs. The modern epidemic of acid reflux is one of the signs that the standard diets of many and the over-use of antibiotics are harming our health. A good formula will also contain enzymes, which are essential for proper digestion, and densely-nutritious foods that nourish both the bacteria and their host (you).

Buying an organic probiotics formula is another way you can keep healthy, look and feel better, and have the energy to enjoy life. Quality of life is as important as fending off illness to being both healthy and happy. Many people who take vitamins and minerals faithfully don’t realize the importance of beneficial bacteria to their well-being.

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Organic Probiotics For Better Health

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