Losing Weight Is Not Just About Taking Whatever Claims To Help You Do So.

By Monica Bryant
Recently one appetite suppressant which uses hoodia gordonii supplied to them by Stella labs (not hoodia 750) has become the target of a potential class action suit. Someone said, “We live in a litigious society.” No product is safe from the threat of a law suit. If a product does not work in the way that it is advertised to do, not to worry, take them to court. But, it is not my job to comment on society, I just write about and compare health supplements.

The San tribe of the Kalahari have long understood the properties of Hoodia Gordonii where the internal stem is chewed to fend off hunger during their prolonged hunting trips. The active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii is a molecule known as P57 was patented in 1996 and became the focus of study by the South African CSIR. (Council for Scientific and Industrial Affairs).

All three of the hoodia gordonii weight loss pills mentioned receive high ratings at websites dedicated to hoodia reviews; hoodia 750, hoodia XR and desert burn. So, let’s compare CITES certificates and analysis reports. Hoodia 750 has CITES certificates from Stella Labs. Hoodia XR has a CITES certificate. Desert Burn has its own CITES certificate displayed along with many other certifications of authenticity. If the question is about who is supplying genuine hoodia gordonii, then they all appear to be.

There are no scientific studies or trials that have conclusively shown that Hoodia Gordonii works as an appetite suppressor or is effective in producing weight loss. One study took seven overweight patients who managed to shed an average of 3.3% of their bodyweight during the trial. Lack of scientific evidence has not stopped dietary supplement companies from marketing their products as containing Hoodia Gordonii. Trimspa stated that their Hoodia Gordonii weight loss products will not only suppress appetite but also lowers blood pressure. The FDA has advised that these claims are not supported by any scientific evidence. The Trimspa brand is the subject of a lawsuit in California over claims that the brand does not actually contain any Hoodia Gordonii ingredients.

One of the preeminent herbal testing facilities in the U.S., the Alchemist Pharmaceuticals, was contacted in order to help verify the presence of real Hoodia. Analysis showed that there are several ways to detect a fake Hoodia Gordonii.

The first and most obvious way of knowing if your Hoodia is fake is to check if the product’s seal has an authenticated Lot Number, which means that it has undergone the test in the Independent Lab Report done by the Alchemist Pharmaceuticals. Besides that, also check if the premium products report date is within six months after purchase.

The San put forward a statement through a prominent lawyer they had engaged that they were not averse to assisting the Western World in developing medical treatments using their knowledge but they were not going to be the product of “Bio Piracy” for the sake of weight loss products and sit back and do nothing.

Hoodia market is divided into two camps. The first camp consists of people who are honest, have integrity and make a genuine effort to purchase authentic hoodia gordonii and provide the real thing to their customers through their nutritional supplements. There are only few weight loss pills that were made by honest companies.

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Losing Weight Is Not Just About Taking Whatever Claims To Help You Do So.

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