Weight Loss With Victoza.

By Randolph Gobel
Victoza is also known by its generic name, Liraglutide. Designed to improve the blood sugar of Type II diabetics, this medication can also help non-diabetics lose weight. The amount of weight someone will lose varies from person to person, but 5 pounds or more can be expected. It’s important to realize there are risks to taking a prescription for weight loss some of these risks can be quite serious and should be discussed with your doctor. This drug helps the body use insulin more efficiently and it also suppresses the appetite.

The amount of weight you can expect to lose while taking this med varies from person to person. Research also shows a wide variance in weight loss should be expected. However, some trials show a weight loss of 5 pounds over a 26 week period.

While some studies show that patients can expect to lose six percent of body weight if they take this drug, perhaps a better indication of what to expect can be found in the online forums. There are many first person accounts mentioned in the forums of people losing large amounts of weight because of this medication. This is not surprising considering that it is an appetite suppressant.

If you are considering taking this for weight loss, it is essential that you discuss the risks as well as the benefits with your doctor. First of all, understand that this med is not originally intended as a weight loss medication; although it can help people lose weight.

There are side effects, some of which may be serious such as the possibility of thyroid cancer. This medication is also linked to an increase risk of an inflamed pancreas. You should also understand that unless you establish healthy habits such as exercise and healthy food choices, the weight may return once you stop taking this medication.

This prescription works to control Type II Diabetes because it is chemically similar to insulin, although it is not insulin exactly. Victoza belongs to a class of drugs named incretin mimetics. Essentially, this medication mimics the hormone GLP-1.

By mimicking GLP-1, the insulin of the body can work more efficiently. This drug also suppresses the appetite so people eat less and eat less often. In addition to improving the body’s ability to use insulin when a diabetic loses weight their body will further increase its efficiency.

Known generically as Liraglutide, this medication is clinically proven to improve the blood sugar of Type II Diabetics. A beneficial side effect of this drug is appetite suppression and weight loss. Some doctors prescribe it for weight loss, although this would be considered an off-label use. While Victoza may be quite effective for weight loss, there are risks. Also, if healthy habits are not established while taking this medication the weight may return once it is discontinued.

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Weight Loss With Victoza.

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