Exploring The Truths Concerning HCG Texas Diets

By Catalina Nielsen
HCG is one of the body hormones produced mainly by women who are pregnant. Today the hormone has been used in weight loss programs effectively. There is a lot of unclear questions surrounding the mechanisms by which it does that and whether it has adverse effects. This article seeks to answers most of these questions on hCG Texas treatments.

First understanding where the treatment started helps. A famous medical doctor named Simeon conducted a study in pregnant mothers in India to see how starvation affected the pregnancy outcomes. In his study, he noted that there was a hormone that mobilized fat reserves of mothers and converted them to food that sustained the baby. It was from this finding that showed that when an overweight person is placed on a low calorie diet with this hormone, then their body fat will be broken down. He also noted that the fat breakdown concentrates on the abnormal unwanted stores while sparing the protective fat around body organs.

The other issues that arise is about the safety of the hormone. The use of this diet has now been tested for over 60 years since time of discovery. There has never been a history of serious side effects to date. Caution is however usually given to clients that the diet must be prescribed by health professionals who will monitor the clients.

Other questions about the diet are why there is need for the hCG hormone when caloric intake is already decreased. Research has shown that a very low calorie diet will cause the human body to lose body fats that could be important for survival. In addition, the body gets emaciated from loosing muscle proteins and breakdown of bone. The hormone ensures the fat that is broken is the unwanted fats while muscles and bones are not involved. This benefits the body through weight loss as well as maintaining the shape especially for ladies.

At times the rate of losing weight may slow down or stop for a while when a patient is still on medication. The reason is that the it is a common finding in menstruation times when there are other hormonal imbalances that tend to interfere with the function of the hCG hormone. Other reasons could just be that the body is undergoing reshaping that is not visible so therapy must not be stopped.

It is essential that you set enough time for resting and sleep during the course of treatment. Sleep of approximately 8 hours promotes faster weight loss. Exercise is not a requirement to the therapy for it to be effective but small exercises can help keep our bodies fit.

De-faulting the prescription and missing some days of the scheduled plane could be risky. There is a tendency of the body to revert to a severe heavier weight that it was previously. Furthermore, once you resume back to the therapy, it could take time before more weight loss occurs.

Completion of the program revives body muscle bulk and greatly reduces fat levels. The high muscle ratio will be important in burning more calories. This ensures that you do not regain weight later. HCG Texas diet is therefore a safe diet proven for prescription to all obese people.

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Exploring The Truths Concerning HCG Texas Diets

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